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Flower Essences are simple to use and safe to take.

Understand how to share these gifts of nature with family and friends.

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At last, a gentle, natural lift for the morning after the night before. ‘After the Party’ is an inspired grouping of Bach Flower Remedies, that can lessen the unwanted effects of life’s little ‘over-indulgences’.

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It’s hard to quit those expensive habits!

September 27th, 2015|Comments Off

Remember Stoptober in 2012? A national campaign to get 8 million people in the UK to stop smoking for 28 days. With October 2015 looming, let try again!  But we all need as much help […]

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March 8th, 2015|Comments Off

This year seems to have been a particularly abundant year for snowdrops. As I turn the  corner, I see yet another swathe adorning a verge, or sprinkled, like flecks of snow in a wood. They […]

  • And the Winner Is - Revealing the Award Results

And the Winner is…

October 3rd, 2014|Comments Off

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our recent Summer Contest is <drum roll, wait for it!> ……. Helen Whitehead

Helen will receive a Sun Essences Deluxe Flower Essences Travel Bag, her great Holiday Tip is […]


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What Customers Say

…I can only say I would recommend them to anybody, who is really interested in getting into the real nature of his/her inner being.
Cedric Smeets , Puerto Rico
Wonderful products – natural and non addictive! Highly recommended
Jill Watkinson , Norfolk
Your range blends so well with Dr Bach’s – like an extension for modern day living – and I like the fact that you are the producer of both the Bach and Sun essences that go into the combinations
Rose Arnold , Little Budworth
Sun Essences are just amazing, they are really effective and have a unique energy, if you don’t know them you should find out more
Debbie Haime , London
My son has been suffering from heavy metal poisoning for 10 years, the metal causing the most problems being mercury. Using a combination of Bach Flower and Sun Essences we have had the most amazing results, in that it has produced the right emotional state within the body for this substance to detox through the skin, something until now we have been unable to achieve
Francis , Norfolk
I have used Bach flowers for the last 15 years on and off depending on the problems I would have in my life. They tend to balance things in a normal slow way. Now I tried the ones you send to my wife and I was amazed of the results. Especially the power and how fast there was a visible change in my character.
Cedric Smeets , Puerto Rico
I am a flower essence practitioner and I have a growing interest in combination essences as they’re so convenient and a great introduction for those who are new to essences.
Rose Arnold , Little Budworth
Ally Pica
Thank you so much for your beautiful essences, your love and devotion to the Bach Remedies is so apparent and your connection with the philosophy of Edward Bach and our E